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16 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes: Fresh & Innovative Takes on Holiday Favorites

What comes to mind when you think of St. Patrick’s Day recipes?  If you’re thinking corned beef and cabbage, green beer, and Irish soda bread, you’re certainly not alone.  The holiday known for drinking and celebrating Irish heritage, whether you’re Irish all year or just for the day, is upon us.  But are you sick of corned beef?  Looking for something new to serve for the holiday?  Almost Kosher has teamed up with 15 other bloggers to ensure you’re covered for the holiday.  And if you’re not sick of corned beef, you can always check out my home corned beef recipe.

St. Patrick's Day Recipes

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|| 16 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes ||

1. Homemade Spinach Hummus by The Urben Life

What’s green, healthy, and a perfect appetizer for any St. Patrick’s Day party you might be planning?  Jenna Urben, author of The Urben Life, has you covered with this incredible homemade hummus.  Whether used as an appetizer or used to ensure your stomach doesn’t go empty while imbibing, this dip is a winner.

2. Shepard’s Pie by Biscuits & Savvy

Dene from Biscuits & Savvy has a way with words and, apparently with potatoes too.  The green topping of this uniquely presented Shepard’s Pie is made by piping mashed potatoes dyed with scallion oil!  Isn’t that just genius?!  I know I can’t wait to try this one out.

3. Instant Pot Irish Beef Stew by The Messy Little Kitchen

For those of you returning to this blog, you’re already aware of my love affair with pressure cooking.  To those of you who share this love for quick, easy, and delicious, here’s the Irish stew for you.  Modified for the Instant Pot, Heather of The Messy Little Kitchen shares with us her take on the classic.

4. Luck of the Irish Cupcakes by the good, the bad, and the poopy

Ashly of the good, the bad, and the poopy had the luck to recently find out she has Irish heritage just in time to celebrate in style.  These adorable cupcakes feature Irish Cream in the frosting to give them that characteristic boozy Irish flavor.

5. Irish Cream Bundt Cake by Laurence Makano

Laurence kicks bundt cake up a few hundred notches by incorporating Irish cream into the cake and  into the glaze.  Go check it out and tell me that glaze doesn’t sound fabulous.

6. Cream of Spinach Soup by Dr. How and Why

I don’t know about you but when I see, “Cream of…” I think two things: 1. that’s probably delicious; and 2. that’s probably full of calories.  Rabz of Dr. How and Why knows exactly what I mean which is why this green soup actually uses very little cream.  The magic?  It’s still creamy!  Sounds like someone got hold of a magical leprechaun.

7. Four Ingredient Irish Soda Bread by Ovenstruck

Over at Ovenstruck, when Sally isn’t rocking food photography (her work is amazing!) and writing in a witty style that’s sure to get you hooked, she’s offering up history lessons on this Irish classic.  Perhaps you’ve never known what Irish soda bread is all about–I didn’t!–but hers doesn’t just look gorgeous; it tastes it, too.  Go check it out and learn something new about the science behind this simple bread.

8. Super Simple Shamrock Smoothies by Right Meow or Never

A girl after my own cat-loving heart, AC of Right Meow or Never brings to the table a tongue-twister of name for a fabulous green smoothie.  Her inspiration is one that will resonate with many parents out there — trying to get your picky little’s to eat something nutritious.  She’s found the elixir of health that works for hers: this green smoothie featuring kiwi fruit.

9. Irish Stew by Carla Crudup

Carla gets it. There’s no way around celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in her household, but that Corned Beef and Cabbage we all grew up with — while delicious — isn’t our only option.  Irish Stew, a stew featuring a healthy serving of stout beer, is a warming alternative.  Her version uses the stove top.

10. Caramelized Brussels with Orange Vinaigrette by LeShé Style

If you still feel like St. Patrick’s Day isn’t right without some kind of cabbage, you can still switch things up.  Leeonney brings us these delicious mini-cabbages, better known as Brussels Sprouts.  Even if you’re not a fan of Brussels sprouts normally, you’d be surprised how much you love them once they’re caramelized.

11. Paleo Shepard’s Pie by Our Food Fix 

A feast for the eyes and for the diet conscious out there,  Dawn’s, of Our Food Fix, Shepard’s Pie is made sans gluten, grain, or dairy.  I think we all have to agree that even if we aren’t cooking for allergies or special diets, this looks damn delicious.

12. Mint Oreo Truffles by Tabitha Talks Food

Are you like me, obsessed with any combination chocolate and mint?  Yes??  Then Tabitha Talks Food has us covered with these Mint Oreo Truffles.  So festive and delicious, it’ll be hard to stop yourself from popping them all into your mouth.

13. Avocado Deviled Eggs by Vienista

For the vegetarians out there, Daniela, the human behind the beautiful site Vienista, has you covered.  These avocado deviled eggs will doom you to addiction if you’re not careful.  Perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day gathering or potluck, these fit the green theme of the season perfectly.

14.  Cabbage, Bacon, and Potatoes by Karyl’s Kulinary Krusade

Karyl was inspired by Colcannon for this dish.  She switched it up by using cut-up potatoes and bacon (she doesn’t care for corned beef), but you can easily make this kosher by using corned beef instead of the bacon.  The result?  A gorgeous mash up of some Irish flavor.

15. Shamrock lasagna with spinach and ricotta cheese by Att vasa Vass

Caroline Vass of Att vasa Vass shares her delicious contribution to the St. Patrick’s Day party in both Swedish and in English.  This lasagna is sans meat, so kosher readers–this is the lasagna for you.

16.  Chocolate chocolate stout Hamantaschen by Yours Truly

This contribution to the St. Patrick’s Day recipes should look familiar — it was my last post!  I have to tell you that since I made them, I’ve been craving them.  Guess I’ll be making these again for our Purim party!

How about you?  What do YOU plan to make for the Irish holiday?  Let us know your favorite St. Patrick’s Day recipes in the comments below.  If you’re trying one of the above St. Patrick’s Day recipes, we’d love to hear all about it, too.