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Passover Recipe Ideas to Get your Pesach On

passover recipe ideas
Passover is upon us and, for observant Jews, that means a week of worrying what’s Chametz or Kitniyot, and depending on your views, that could mean a whole lot of things are not accepted.  By now, most of us have already planned our Seders out and know what we are serving.  However, perhaps you still need a dish or two to round out your meal.  Or, maybe, a few of us haven’t planned our Passover recipes out at all.  No judgement here! I’ve put together some Passover recipe ideas for something a little different for you and your family this year.

Check them out and let me know if you try any!

Almost Kosher’s Passover Recipe Ideas

For the kiddos:

Consider a matzo meal chicken nugget meal for the picky eaters in your life.  Of course, you could always do the tried-and-true matzo pizza, too.  Sweet potato gnocchi goes over well with our pickiest eaters: toddlers.  And, if your kids can’t go a morning without a cereal, try homemade matzo granola.

For a Moroccan flair:

Our Moroccan Fish Tagine will give you some Sephardi flavors without kitniyot.  Pair it with a fresh Moroccan tomato salad, some matzo with honey spread, and Zaalouk (omit the cumin in the Zaalouk for some Ashkenazim).

For Brunch:

Make your own variation of the popular avocado toasts trend using matzo.  You could also make a Huevos Rancheros using matzo.  But if you’re sick of matzo, try some baked eggs in avocado or smoked salmon ‘crepes’ for a unique dish.  Mini crust-less quiche go over well for a group.

Traditional, with a spin:

Maybe you want to stick with tradition, and we certainly can’t blame you!  We think that even traditional dishes can be improved, though, so that’s why we came up with slow cooker matzo ball soup.  You could put that brand new Instant Pot you just bought (see our sidebar to the right) to good use for an Instant Pot Matzo Ball soup, too!  Bon Appetit shared a homemade gefilte fish recipe that doesn’t make me squirm (sorry–I’m not usually a fan!).  Charoset, however?  Yes, sign me up!

Well, that’s it.  Hopefully you find a little inspiration in our Passover recipe ideas and, if you’re in need of any kitchen hardware supplies, be sure to check out our new shop!

Chag Pesach Sameach!

p.s., our Brown Butter Salmon is also kosher for Passover…you’re welcome!