Summer, Summer, Summer Time: 15 Family Friendly Summer Drinks

Summer.  Sticky ice pop fingers.  Long days.  Loud neighborhood parties.  Shorts and thighs that stick to leather seats.  In Northern California, the smell of dry grass — surely a fire hazard.  Kiddie pools and seasonal above-ground pools.  The grown-ups had special summer drinks which made them glow with the exuberance that we kids thought was reserved just for us.  Special drinks that, if we dared to sneak a sip, burned our tongues — disgusting.  For us, we had what is called within the blogging community “family friendly summer drinks”: Fresca, Snapple’s, Squirt, and Kool-Aid.

Summer Play | Family Friendly Summer Drinks

Barbecues replaced stews, and our neighbors threw all-night summer parties with loud rock and Spanish music.  Kids run amok — those nights there were no rules.

With summer came summer break and Independence Day.  Our families couldn’t afford pools, so kiddie pools and sprinklers came alive with water suited children and the smell of sunscreen.  I remember the neighbor boy, a good friend of mine when I was five or so, got spoiled one year.  His family bought an above ground swimming pool.  Me, suited up with a little one-piece number and large arm floaties, and he and his brothers, the swimmers.  We spent hours roasting ourselves in the pool.  We didn’t even notice the grown-ups.  I’m still not sure what they were doing.  We enjoyed complete, albeit momentary, anarchy.

Summer Play | Family Friendly Summer Drinks

Not a soul wanted to go to bed, not even the sun.  So, Kevin (my neighbor friend) and I sat on the swings and made pinky-promises to stay friends forever.  We sat there through dusk and until the crickets started their summertime song.  We had no concept of the commitment promised by “forever,” we just knew we never wanted summer to end.

“Pinky promise that we will always be BFFs…” he said, as he grabbed my stubby little finger. With complete sincerity, I responded, “pinky promise and cross my heart and hope to die…”

I don’t know where Kevin is to this day.  I don’t think I ever even knew his last name.  He and his brothers moved away, but I still like to think I’ve kept up my end of the promise by reminiscing on those summertime memories every time the solstice begins.

This summer I’ve been experimenting with food.  Between trying to capture Beijing and summer beach body diets, I haven’t been able to create recipes ready for sharing lately.  However, luckily for us, there are a plethora of recipes to capture that essence of summer, including the following family friendly summer drinks.  Perfect for all of my pregnant friends this summer (seriously–so many of my friends are expecting) or those of us who don’t partake.

15 Sensational & Family Friendly Summer Drinks – Just in time for Independence Day!

  • Perfect for an Independence Day picnic with the whole family, Natural Beach Living shares their gorgeously festive Patriotic Non-Alcoholic Drinks.
  • Nobody can deny how refreshing a glass of lemonade is in the summer.  Quench your thirst by the pool with the Chunky Chef’s Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade.  The blueberries and sparkles are sure to make this one special.
  • The Chunky Chef is a refreshing drink expert, as made apparent in her Fizzy Pineapple Punch.  I’m a sucker for pineapple anything, and this would pair well with whatever you’re cooking up on the grill this summer.
  • Like the Blueberry Lemonade recipe linked above, A Mom’s Take’s Lemonade Berry Spritzer leverages both berries and lemonade to ensure a win in this recipe.  Even her pickiest eater approved.
  • Growing up, nothing made me happier than a glass of pink lemonade.  Back then, it came from concentrate, but these days I shudder at the idea of using a can.  The Chunky Chef’s Homemade Raspberry Peach Lemonade is a gorgeous shade of peachy pink and looks much more sophisticated than my childhood concoction.
  • Aren’t The Crafting Chick’s Ocean Floats just the cutest?  Have a day by the pool with your kids or your like-minded friends who appreciate the cutesy fun of this themed drink.
  • The Classy Chapter’s Easy Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade sounds perfect for a picnic by the lake.  I love to use local honey as a sweetener to give us a little boost in the allergy season which, for us, is at its worst in the summer.
  • I am the Maven shares a concoction that is sure to activate all feelings of childhood nostalgia: Watermelon Basil-Lime Mocktail Kooloff is the perfect drink for those of us who want a fun “cocktail” without the alcohol.
  • Growing up, our neighbors would keep the neighborhood hydrated and happy with Aqua Fresca, a mixture of water, fresh fruit, and sugar.  Dinner at the Zoo’s Strawberry Mango Agua Fresca hits all those same notes, with the bonus of an ice cube trick to ensure your drinks don’t lose their vibrant flavor.
  • Mojito fans out there — here is the summer drink for you: Mint-Infused Lemonade by Thrifty Jinxy.  I adore mint for the summer.  The bright flavor is just perfect for those days when I sit out on the porch sipping a refreshing drink while reading the latest novel to pop into my life.
  • Slushie lovers, these next two are for you.  Painted Teacup’s Berry Lemonade Slush & Somewhat Simple’s Cherry Lemonade Slush are going to keep those internal temperatures down with blended ice and fresh fruit flavors.
  • Last week someone at work brought in fresh nectarines.  Oh my, there is nothing quite as sweet as a ripe nectarine.  Kelly Stilwell shares a Strawberry Nectarine Lemonade using fresh strawberry and nectarine as her summer go-to.
  • For those of us who love sparkling drinks, here’s another sparkling lemonade to add to your to-try list.  Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade by Frugal Mom, eh! is delicious and fizzy.  If you love raspberries, you’ll love this one.
  • Calling all ginger ale lovers!  My husband loves a good ginger ale, so the final drink, Ginger Berry Fizz, is going to be a winner for him this summer.  Pair with a grilled all-beef frank and fries — ginger lovers are going to be happy.

Which one of the above family friendly summer drinks do you most want to try this summer? Share below!

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