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I‘m Chava Mazal of Almost Kosher  and I will be sharing with you some of my favorite memories, my thoughts, and my recipes.  I was born and partly raised in the Bay Area of California where most of my family still resides.  There, I learned to appreciate the myriad of ethnic flavors of the human experience. It was also there that the seed of curiosity was planted which has helped me to grow my passion for learning all about the diaspora of Jewish experience.

I am joined by my lovely husband who took many of the photos for the blog in the early days and is now teaching me how to do the photography.  He continues to take most of our travel pictures.

The husband at work

About “Almost Kosher”

Almost Kosher refers to the style of cooking we will be sharing with you which is known in the Jewish community as “Kosher-style,”  that is, food which is not technically kosher but could be produced as kosher.  In short, the food we present here will be inspired by Jewish cooking and made kosher to the level we are able. This is mostly due to regional availability, as we live in a region with very few Jews and even fewer options for obtaining kosher meats (at least, which are affordable).


If you’re interested in why I write about food and hold so much passion for cooking, my blog post entitled “Why I Cook: Evoking Memories” details the moment I first learned to love cooking.

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