Disclosure Statement

Almost Kosher is a food blog ran with the purpose of sharing knowledge with its readers.  Sometimes that knowledge is tied directly to a product that we’d like to recommend to you.  In that case, we will use product links, some of which are tied to an affiliate program (although, many are not).

What does this mean to you?

This means that Almost Kosher has an affiliate advertising relationship with a handful of companies and will receive a small commission when our readers click, buy, print, or shop offers by these companies.  Most notably, we use Amazon’s Affiliate program liberally.

Our commitment to honesty

We will never include an affiliate link for a product or service that we do not personally recommend or trust.  There are hundreds of affiliate programs, many of which have contacted us directly to ask for our participation, that we refuse to promote because their products or service are not in line with our propose: to inform YOU of things we think you should check out.

Why should you click on our links at all?

If you find Almost Kosher’s recommendations at all informative, if you’re thinking of purchasing a product from, say…Amazon…any way, please consider supporting us.  Some of these programs, such as Amazon, will send a few pennies our way even if you just buy some other product.  We’re talking pennies here and, while it’s not much, it helps us offset the moderate cost of hosting and producing content for this blog.


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