16 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes: Fresh & Innovative Takes on Holiday Favorites

27 February 2017
What comes to mind when you think of St. Patrick’s Day recipes?  If you’re thinking corned beef and cabbage, green beer, and Irish soda bread, you’re certainly not alone.  The holiday known for drinking and celebrating Irish heritage, whether you’re Irish all year or just for the day, is upon us.  But are you sick of corned beef?  Looking for something new to serve for the holiday?  Almost Kosher has teamed up with 15 other bloggers to ensure you’re covered for the holiday.  And if you’re not sick of corned beef, you can always check out my home corned beef recipe.

St. Patrick's Day Recipes

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Chocolate Stout Hamantaschen for Purim & St. Paddy’s Day

24 February 2017

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Almost a year ago I wrote on this very blog that I would not bake hamantaschen for you.  I had been too intimidated, citing reasons founded in my childhood for why I refused to bake.  Yet, here I am posting a recipe for an excellent Chocolate Stout Hamantaschen.  What gives?

chocolate stout hamantaschen for purim

In the past year, a lot has changed.  I have finished a whole college school year, the then-fiance became the now-husband, and I have had a lot of time to read.  Specifically, I’ve been reading a lot about baking.  I’ve been experimenting and tasting.  Trying to break that mystery which has eluded me for so long and–finally!–I broke through.  I can’t tell you when I exactly reached that a-ha! moment, only that I did.  And thanks to that breakthrough, the recipe I’m sharing with you today now exists.

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Review: Azerbaijani-style Kofta soup inspired by Taste of Persia

16 February 2017

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If you follow our page on Facebook, then you already know that I’ve been struggling cooking for our household of two.  It’s been especially difficult now that we’re blogging and I cook more often.  I’m starting to experience that we’re wasting a lot of fresh produce.  My heart breaks every time I throw out a sad carrot that I had promised I would use.

And it just so happens that I’m having trouble cooking consistently lately.  Workload has been forcing me to work a bit later on the weekdays, which pushes my school study time later, and…come on…honestly?  Do I really want to cook tonight?  Yes, I hope my new Instant Pot will help to solve or–at least mitigate–some of this struggle.

My latest obsession: Persian Food

taste of persia

This becomes kind of a problem as my cookbook addiction continues.  While I still primarily lean on Google to find new recipes, I can’t get the inspiration that can be gleaned from a well-written and expertly photographed cookbook, such as Naomi Duguid’s Taste of PersiaContinue Reading…

Valentine’s Day Recipe Roundup

6 February 2017
With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I can’t help but think back to Valentine’s Day past.  Way back in elementary school when kids sent each other store-bought or homemade cards with a little candy taped on.  Or those terrible, chalky conversation hearts.

This year I received the adult/blogging equivalent of that homemade Valentine’s just you know someone’s crafty mom had worked all night to make perfect.  An invite to participate and share recipes from bloggers all over the world for our best Valentine’s Day recipes.  Organized by the super talented Laurence Makano (check out her strawberry pancakes below), all twelve of us came up with what we thought to be the best of our arsenal for showing love.  Check it out below and follow the links to your newest Valentine’s inspiration. Continue Reading…

5 Days of Pressure Cooking: Pressure Cooker Recipe Roundup (Day 5)

5 February 2017
Since I started this series, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Readers have written to me to tell me that they just received a pressure cooker for the holidays.  Some remember using pressure cookers with their mothers or grandmothers. For those of you who don’t, if you haven’t decided to get a pressure cooker yet, I hope you’ll consider it in the future.  The speed and efficiency can’t be beaten.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Pressure Cooker

  1. 9-minute chicken legs, need I say more?  Seriously, the speed of the pressure cooker is mindboggling.
  2. Close to no evaporation.  No evaporation = fewer lost nutrients.(updated 3/8/17 as a result of better research)
  3. No-soak beans are super easy in the pressure cooker.
  4. Super tender braises, stews, and soups in a fraction of the time of other methods.
  5. Pressure cooker cheesecake.  I know I mentioned it before and I haven’t made it yet, but I’ve had others make it for me.

To wrap up the series, I’m going to share a roundup of all of our pressure cooker recipes to date.  Hopefully, you find something new to try! Continue Reading…

5 Days of Pressure Cooking: Pressure Cooker Boeuf Bourguignon (Day 4)

3 February 2017
I have a surprise for you all: today’s pressure cooker boeuf bourguignon recipe has bonus slow cooker instructions, too.  That’s because this recipe is such a great one, I think everyone should make it for Valentine’s day.  It’s my consolation for my not sticking to a consecutive schedule for this series.  I have to tell you guys, I have been so burnt out.  Work has been crazy and I’m still adjusting to the full-time school schedule.

What are you doing for Valentine’s day?

We initially didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but suddenly I saw a cute blog post about an idea for Valentine’s day.  Next thing you know, I’m buying gifts and making arts & crafts.  Damn you, Pinterest!  Naturally, this means I also started thinking food.  There is nothing better than a decadent, boozy French beef stew, ala Boeuf Bourguignon, for a romantic evening.  In initial testing for this recipe, the husband confirmed this.

pressure cooker boeuf bourguignon

Pressure Cooker Boeuf Bourguignon

I’m going to give you instructions for both a slow cooker and a pressure cooker boeuf bourguignon, but I’ll give you a tip: they’re nearly the same.  I first starting making boeuf bourguignon (the French name for the same dish known as beef burgundy) after receiving a copy of America’s Test Kitchen 2001-2013 seasons cookbook.  In it, they had a recipe for a slow cooker version that was pure genius. Continue Reading…

5 Days of Pressure Cooking: Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef (Day 3)

30 January 2017
This weekend we celebrated Chinese New Year by going out to a local Beijing-style restaurant.  There we ate two of the dishes the husband grew up with for Chinese New Year: dumplings and noodles.  Dumplings, because they resemble the shape of ancient Chinese money.  Noodles, to represent long life.  Additionally, we ate the Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef we’re sharing in this post.  That is not a Chinese New Year dish.  It’s just tasty!


Chinese New Year meal – top left: noodles with meat and veggies; top right: steamed dumplings; bottom: mian bao, steamed and then fried dough with sweet condensed milk

The husband hasn’t celebrated Chinese New Year in a long time, but the last two years I wanted to celebrate it with him.  So far, we’ve only eaten out.  I’m too intimidated by the preparation of such a grand feast to do it myself.

Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef


Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef

Our first year together, I asked to celebrate Chinese New Year with the then-boyfriend.  We weren’t really sure where to go or what to do, so I searched Chinese New Year in our city.  It turns out that P.F. Chang’s was having an affordable deal for the holiday.  He laughed, said it was somehow symbolic of his background and we went.  It was delicious!  One of the dishes we had was a Mongolian beef that he really enjoyed.  This pressure cooker version is our copycat version. Continue Reading…

5 Days of Pressure Cooking: Multitasking & Pressure Cooker Chicken Carnitas (Day 2)

27 January 2017
The Instant Pot is no doubt a multi-tasker. It boasts saute, slow cooking, rice cooker, warmer, and — in some models — yogurt making in addition to the pressure cooking functions.  However, even a stovetop pressure cooker can do a lot more than making delicious pressure cooker chicken carnitas.  Although that’s  probably good enough.

Pressure Cooker Chicken Carnitas

3 surprising uses for your pressure cooker

We absolutely hate clutter in our household.  In fact, just last night I had a nightmare revolving around clutter.  So, of course, we also hate one-use products.  When I first got into sous vide, I set out to prove to myself that it can do so much more than just cook a good piece of salmon or steak. Luckily, pressure cookers carry their weight in the kitchen, and not just the aforementioned Instant Pot.

All pressure cookers are capable of being multitaskers and don’t feel limited to just doing braises.  Here are our favorite uses for the pressure cooker:

  1. Cooking dried beans without the usual 12-hour presoaking.
  2. Throw away your rice cooker…unless you have a Zojirushi.  Pressure cookers make wonderful rice cookers.
  3. Pressure cooker cheesecake, anyone?

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5 Days of Pressure Cooking: Resources & Pressure Cooker Chicken Adobo (Day 1)

26 January 2017
Without further ado, we begin our 5 days of Pressure Cooking recipes!  We’re starting off with a list of our favorite resources and a recipe for Pressure Cooker Chicken Adobo.  If you don’t have a pressure cooker, you can convert many of these recipes to sous vide or to slow cooker, but I haven’t taken the time to make that conversion for you.  Do your research and share your results!

The Pressure Cooker: Just Another Trend

Or is it?  For what feels like decades the hot kitchen gadget has been the slow cooker.  And why not?! The slow cooker has been every busy adult’s saving grace by basically giving us another hand in the kitchen.  Just throw some ingredients into a pot in the morning and dinner is ready by the evening.  However, the slow cooker has had some misgivings.  1. It’s slow.  Yeah, that’s kind of the point, but sometimes we haven’t planned a meal.  Sometimes we need something we can pick up on the way home from work or school and throw together–quickly–to feed our families; 2. not all models of slow cookers are created equally which sometimes leads to failure via too much evaporation of cooking liquid or, even worse, burning of dinner; and 3. all that evaporation = loss of valuable nutrients.

This is where the pressure cooker comes in.  Pressure cookers work magic by trapping in the moisture in your food via a very tight seal.  Since the moisture, or more accurately, water can’t leave, it’s forced to stay inside the pot as the heat rises and the water molecules get very excited building up heat.  This brings the temperature in the pressure cooker to skyrocket beyond the boiling point even within the food itself.  Because of all this, pressure cookers are one of the fastest methods for cooking out there.  Imagine an 8-hour braise taking just 20 minutes or less.  The science behind pressure cookers is not as simple as all of that, but that’s the general idea of them.

The modern marvel: the Instant Pot

And, if you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard of the Instant Pot, the multitasker electric pot that has a resume of skills most of us can’t boast.  In fact, NPR just ran a piece on the sudden rise of popularity of this new kitchen gadget.  For full disclaimer, I don’t own one of these and honestly, don’t know that I would.  I wouldn’t tell this to Instant Pot fans, though–they recently tore into America’s Test Kitchen for giving it a meh review on Facebook (I can’t find the thread, or else I’d link it for your viewing pleasure).  But I have been cooking with a pressure cooker for years and definitely can tell you it is worth the hype.

Just don’t take grandma’s secondhand one.  These things haven’t always been perfectly safe.

Pressure Cooker Chicken Adobo
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Pudding Mix Dark Chocolate Brownies & Balancing School and Work

22 January 2017
You and I, we’re friends, right?  So then we can both admit that–if you had any– you’ve broken your New Year’s resolutions by now.  Come on, statistics are against us with this.  Well, if you haven’t you’re about to because these pudding mix dark chocolate brownies are too tempting to pass up.

Pudding Mix Dark Chocolate Brownies

But first…about balancing school and work

The new semester has started, which means my time has become a little more pressed.  As you may recall, I’m taking a full-time schedule this semester.  This is on top of my full-time work schedule.  I’m trying to find some way — any way — to fit more hours into the day. I’ve failed.  However, what I have done is found ways to be more efficient in other areas of my life.  So far, these are the things that have saved me the most time and hassle: Continue Reading…