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5 Things Mom Taught Me & The Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

This year, like many, my mother and I are separated by distance.  Where I would have liked to have planned a perfect Mother’s Day Brunch to share with her (together with a gift giving including the bath products I got her from Atlanta Bath Company), this year we’ll chat over phone.  And considering finals week so far, I will be a mixture of a mix of nerves and exhaustion. The best thing about most moms though, is that they usually understand and they’ve definitely seen you at some of your lowest moments.

Mom and Me | Mother's Day Brunch

Mom and Me: A Quintessential 80’s Childhood Picture

Through Hell and Back

Most of our lowest moments were spent together, trying to pick up the pieces after my dad passed away when I was ten.  My mom had been a young mother and we relied a lot on him before he fell ill.  I watched, not able to comprehend the magnitude of it all, as my mom had to deal with the crushing agony of caring for both him and me.  He had brain cancer and the nature of his disease meant that, at times, he needed help with every single aspect of living, worsening as it progressed.  She had to carry that responsibility alone for two years, while watching the man she loves suffer.  I can’t even imagine how she got through it, but she did.  And she ensured I did, too.

Watching her go through that, I learned a lot.  Each year I gain more perspective, too.  While we don’t always get along, I have massive respect for what she accomplished under the circumstances.  When I become a mother myself, I can only imagine I will gain even more appreciation.

Here are the top 5 things I’ve learned from my mom.

1. Don’t ever give up.

If I learned anything from watching my mom, it was that persistence can pay off in droves.  She worked sometimes three housekeeping jobs with very few hours off in between.  The stress and pressure she put on her body and spirit must have been tremendous.  But she always told me that one day she would make herself a business and be free of that kind of work.  And she did.  She’s an entrepreneur now with a big book of business for her community.

2. Loyalty

My mom is a stereotypical redhead and, with that, comes a fiery passion and temper.  She would stop at nothing to protect those she loves and, like a charging mother bear, she came to my defense more times than I care to admit.  I knew that, no matter what, she had my corner.  Oftentimes with an appropriate scolding afterwards for getting myself in that mess in the first place.

3. Not to Take Shhh…Crap from Anyone

Speaking of, my mom doesn’t just go to bat for her loved ones, she also boasts loads of self-respect and dignity.  And if anyone else did not see her for the goddess she is, they were kicked right to the curb–literally.  Although she didn’t date for years after my dad passed away, she did eventually date.  One boyfriend turned out to be less than classy and she packed up all his stuff, left it outside to bake in the desert sun, and told him where to stick it (and “it” wasn’t his truck).

4. Being Sensitive isn’t weak

If the picture I’m painting of my mom makes her sound hard as nails, then you should be aware that she’s able to still wear her heart on her sleeves.  She’s bailed out friends and family whenever and where ever they’ve needed help and she’s not afraid to cry or show her emotions.  I’ve learned a lot from her about the importance of showing vulnerability.

5. Unconditional love

While unconditional love does not mean accepting or putting up with abuse–even emotional abuse, one of the most under-estimated forms–it does mean exactly what it implies.  Even if love is telling someone to knock it off.  I’ve learned to set up boundaries from my mom and I’ve learned the importance of forgiveness.  She’s forgiven many people who’ve hurt her immensely, while having the wisdom to ensure they can’t re-open that wound.

What has your mom taught you?  Think about it, and be sure she knows.

Mother's Day Brunch

And do something special for her, if you can.  A Mother’s Day Brunch can go a long way to showing her that you value her.

If I could be with my mom this weekend, I’d make her these scrambled eggs, roasted asparagus, and smoked salmon “smushed” potatoes.  I got the idea from this Garlic Smashed Potatoes recipe from Damn Delicious.

Here are some ideas if you still need to plan Mother’s Day brunch for mom:

You can’t go wrong with any of these.  And I’m pretty sure mom would appreciate the effort.

Mother's Day Brunch

Happy Mother’s Day, all! (Especially you, mom).