Beijing Bound: A Trip for Food and Family & Our Travel Essentials

Summer Palace | Beijing


We are Beijing Bound for the next week!  As mentioned in our last post, while some of our trip is definitely vacation, the function of the trip is primarily visiting family.  My husband was born in Beijing and much of his family still lives there.  While there, I’ll have the opportunity to learn some family dishes as well as we’ll eat tons of Chinese cuisine from all of the regions of China.  Preparing for any international trip, there are of course some travel essentials we all need.

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Travel Essentials

Here are the items I find to be essential, particularly when traveling internationally.  To look at any of these products, click on the picture to go to Amazon:

 A Dependable Carry-On

I prefer not to use a roller bag and, thus, pack extremely minimalistic for travel.  The North Face backpack pictured above was all I brought to Morocco and I was able to pack TWO whole Moroccan rugs on the flight back plus all my stuff I came to Morocco in.  My husband either travels with a backpack of a similar size or a very small roller, like this one.  Go as small as you can to ensure you won’t need to gate check your bag.  My backpack fits under the seat in front of me.

Packing Roll

With such a small bag, it’s paramount that the space is used as efficiently as possible.  I use a packing roll like the one pictured above.  I can easily fit 7 days worth of clothing in one of these and fit it in my backpack.

Language Phrase Books

I’ve been studying Chinese off and on for over a year but I’m certainly no where near being fluent.  Even though my husband speaks the language, I still packed a phrase book just in case we get separated at any point.

A Good Book

Long flights and long layovers both bring with them the potential for boredom.  I load up my Kindle with both short reads and longer reads just in case.  Don’t forget to vary with genres so you have something no matter your mood. (All books linked in the text are what I’ve loaded my Kindle up for this trip!).

Travel Size Tissues


I know you already know to pack travel sized shampoo, deodorant, etc., but travel size tissues carried in your purse may save you when you’re traveling–especially where they may charge you for toilet paper, such as many public restrooms in Beijing.

Power Adapters


In the case of international travel, you’re going to need these to ensure your appliances will fit into the local outlets.

Dual Voltage Appliances

Before using your hairdryer, straightener, or flat iron overseas, be sure to check that they will work with whatever the local voltage is, usually either 110 or 220.  Plugging a single voltage appliance into the wrong type of power can/will ruin your appliance.  While there are converters out there that claim to convert the power safely, the reviews I read did not convince me.

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